Israel Art Fair Tel Aviv - Yafo

The First contemporary Israel Art Fair will take place in 2015. The aim of the Israel Art Fair is to focus on international and local artists displaying various forms of art such as; Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Street Art, Design, Light Art, Video Art, Digital Art ...

Considered the breath of Israel, artists take their inspiration from different movements, nourishing imagination. From Classicism to High Tech, they manage to adapt themselves to changes, thus fulfilling the expectations of an art whose evolutionary rapidity is always growing. Artists whose talents lead to an amazing richness that has helped them become major actors in the Contemporary Art market.

Above all, The Israel Art Fair is meant to be a platform of exchanges, communication and meetings, leading to development, in Israel, where the environment is suitable.

The Israel Art Fair aims to make art as fun, affordable and accessible as possible. Our concept is simple: an inspiring and friendly atmosphere in which you can find thousands of original paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs all under one roof.

Regardless of whether you made your first visit, we hope you felt free to explore, ask questions, fall in love and ultimately, left as an art collector!

Israel Art Fair Namal Yaffo